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Creating {a} Space

We talk a lot about creating space for ourselves in the sense of allowing opportunity for emotions to arise and be felt, for compassion and awareness to be present, and for self care to take shape. But what about creating a physical space - an actual corner of your home - dedicated to you and your peace of mind?

This comes up for me as lately I've really felt my "stress cup" overflowing at any additional drop. My cup (just like yours) is mostly filled with stress of pandemics, economic insecurity, unjust violence and extremely ugly racism... and if that's not enough, there are still the daily drops of stress that continue to take place.

Then I realize that my normal ways to release stress, decompress, and reset are not quite as accessible as they used to be. I am one who thrives on having some good 'ole fashion alone time to recalibrate, and there has been very, very little of that as of late. I can't pop out and get a manicure. Or Meet a friend for a nice long lunch. Or go out on a date night with the hubby and leave my home responsibilities behind for a couple hours.

So creating a space, just for me, is what I set out to do! I want to share with you some ideas of how to create a space where you can simply be. Use this space to reset your spirit, recalibrate your mind, meditate, journal, cry, recite gratitudes, do yoga or any other thing that allows you to show up for yourself and empty out that stress cup, even if just by a few drops.

Creating Your Sacred Space!

There are many things to take into consideration when selecting your space, but this simplified list of considerations can be all you need. If you would like to create a more elaborate space, by all means, go wild! Just follow your heart and your intuition and create a magical space to really feed your spirit.

  1. Make It Private. You want to find a space that feels private and secure, where you can sit and be free to do what your body needs in the moment. It doesn't have to be a full "she-shed" out back, or a "man cave" that takes over the basement (but by all means if these are available to you - go for it)! Just a corner of a room, or a chair near a window can be perfect!

  2. Make It Yours. Bring in elements that feel amazing to you. The luscious texture of a soft blanket, or just the right rise of a floor cushion can make your space comfy and inviting. An essential oil diffuser with your favorite scent. A candle to help focus your gaze during meditation. Your favorite plant to breathe more life into your space. Even your favorite pen for journaling - all of these things can all help draw you into your space and spark a little joy in the process.

  3. Keep It Simple. Consider what you will use the space for, and add the tools you will need. Keep clutter away to avoid excess distractions, and keep your focus on why you are there.

  4. Just Do It. Don't let lack of space deter you - simply identify a spot and create it! If you think your home is too wild and full of people for this to work, get up 15 minutes before everyone else wakes to have a few moments to yourself.

So go and create your own little sanctuary!

We'd love to see and hear how you create your space!



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