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12 Creative Mothers Day Ideas: For Moms and Those That Celebrate Them!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

With Mother’s Day around the corner, and no real certainty if we will be free to move about or visit her favorite brunch spot, we’ve decided to come up with a handful of ways you can celebrate with mom this year either in her physical presence or not! Because celebrating your mom, or celebrating that you are a mom, is still a must, just like self-care! Why not combine the two?

So, if you are lucky enough to celebrate in person, here are a few ideas that you can do together, even if you are physically distancing at home, or if the restaurants and spas are still closed.

  • Make a bouquet together. Either forage for greens and flowers around your neighborhood, or purchase a few types of flowers from the store and arrange them at home.

  • Make her a meal to enjoy together. If brunch would have been your thing in “normal times”, then make it a thing in these times too! Plan ahead, pick up some ingredients, and whip up a meal. Go all out and set the table with a tablecloth, the good plates and silverware, and the fancy glasses, and maybe even invite the others in your house! Maybe… but enlist them for clean up duty too!

  • Watch her favorite movie. Find out what her favorite movie is, find it online and curl up on the couch with popcorn, movie and mom!

  • View a slideshow of pictures. Ok bring the tissues to this event! Create s slideshow of photos of you and mom (and family) and reminisce on the good times you’ve had over the years. Your mom will certainly LOVE this!

  • Set up a spa date at home! The ideas are endless here, but you can schedule time for her to have a hot bath (with NO interruptions), give each other manicures, and even have a DIY spa session with our self care pantry essentials recipes.

  • Create a wine tasting at home. Either call your local winery and ask them what a good flight would be, or go grab a few bottles at the grocery store. Download a wine tasting score card online (there are tons), research what to pair with each (cheeses or chocolates), and send mom an invitation!

If you’re NOT going to see your mom on Mother's Day, here are some ideas that you can implement from afar.

  • A hand written letter or a homemade card. Tell mom how you feel and use some old fashioned snail mail to get her the message. Icing on the proverbial cake is if you have the time to craft a card yourself, or even just take a little extra time telling mom why she is important and loved.

  • Have some favorite foods delivered. Maybe mom’s favorite restaurant is still open for delivery, or you can get delivered some of her favorite treats! Either way, delivering something delicious will be a hit!

  • Spend extra time connecting via phone or even video chat… nothing says I love you like time spent together.

  • Eat a virtual meal together… so while you are on video chat, arrange it so that you can break bread together too! Set the table, and set your laptop in mom’s spot so it feels as though she is there!

  • Try a New recipe together. Did mom teach you how to cook? Or do you teach mom a thing or two in the kitchen? Well, hop into the kitchen together, and create a meal with each other. This will take a little pre-planning as you will have to have the same ingredients to make the same dish. To make it extra special, see if you can learn an old family recipe!

  • Send a copy of your favorite book/podcast/article/etc and plan time to discuss it together. Finding new ways to connect with you mom will certainly benefit you both. This is a fun way to spark new conversation between the two of you.

We hope this helps you celebrate BEING a Mom or Celebrate the one that you helped become a Mom! Make it special, enjoy the moments shared, and don't forget to tell us what you did to celebrate!



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